Playing Melee with the Smash Controller

Just to be clear, this is not going to be a review of the Smash Edition Gamecube Controller because it's just like any other Gamecube controller except it has the Smash logo in this silver reflective paint over the Start button.

Lately, I've been playing a lot of Super Smash Brothers Melee after watching and rewatching the Smash Bros. documentary created by East Point Pictures. I'm no stranger to playing Melee in a competitive manner - I knew about things like Wavedashing and L-Canceling since around 2008 or around that time and until recently my main character was Marth. Since I had no one to play with except for the computer, I stopped playing and I would only get some urges to play from time to time.

My cousin from Texas comes over here to spend Christmas with us. After Christmas, we went to New York City together and dropped by Nintendo World to pick up a Smash Edition Gamecube Controller for ourselves. The funny thing is that neither of us play Smash regularly so it was almost like we bought it for the sake of buying it lol.

However, the controllers got much use over the holidays because our family spent a lot of time with each other so we were able to play Smash 4 on the another cousin's Wii U.

I don't own any next generation consoles (Xbox360, Xbox ONE, Wii U, 3DS, Playstation 4 etc.), and the only ones I have are consoles from the previous generation so I'm stuck with playing Melee on my Gamecube. Which is fine with me, I am fine with playing only one game.

As I said earlier, I said that I was a Marth main until recently. For the past week or so, I have been practicing with Falco and I think I'm going to main Falco. The reason is that King Dedede is my main for Smash 4 and if you are familiar with the characters of any game in the series, each character has their own height which either makes them move slower or faster. Since King Dedede is a heavy character, I got used to his slow movements and I think this may have translated over to Melee when deciding between Falco or Fox. When playing Falco, you can tell that he is slightly heavier than Fox which personally seems to suit me after playing a lot with Dedede.

The fast and exciting combos that both Falco and Fox offer was something that I always felt was impossible for me. After playing with Falco for awhile, I kept in mind the movements and what it should look like for some of the Fox/Falco techniques. As I was practicing, if I happened to get it down, I would take notice of what happened and try to recreate it and play around with the movements until I was able to get it down. This is how I was able to get down pillaring. For short hopping and wavedashing, I don't know how I was able to get it down, I somehow was just able to get it down after playing for awhile.

Notice how earlier how I said competitive manner. Although I am excited that I finally got these techniques down, I'm not that great at all ^^;

After awhile, I started getting curious about how my fingers look like while I'm playing Falco so I went ahead and recorded myself doing that. I also played some music as I was playing so instead of uploading it to Youtube, I wanted to see if I could embed videos that are uploaded to Google Drive.

And it works! In order to embed videos that are uploaded to Google Drive, follow these instructions. Uploading my own videos to Google Drive and embedding them opens a lot of possibilities for me and doesn't restrict me to Youtube's policies. Hype!

The song that I'm playing is Cheeky Parade's CPU.

Cheeky Parade has a version of CPU where part of the PV for the song is a parody of Star Fox so I thought it would be appropriate being that I was playing with Falco. You can buy the album containing CPU in this link. After seeing Cheeky Parade in New York City, I sought out to buy as many Cheeky Parade songs as I could. I highly recommend this album for those not familiar with Cheeky Parade and want to get into the group.

In this second run, I play Tokyo Girls' Style's GAME. I thought it would be funny to put on GAME while I'm playing a GAME is a great song and is one of the Hardboiled Night songs by Tokyo Girls' Style. You can obtain GAME along with their latest single, Say Long Goodbye which is TGS's best song musically as of this writing, I highly recommend both songs as well.

The Smash Bros. documentary theme song.

I think I should take a break from playing because my left thumb feels like it has a blister, however I think its starting to become a callus now. No Johns though right? ^^;

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