Hashimoto Kanna Little Star ~Kanna 15~ Unboxing & Impressions

Guess what arrived in the mailbox yesterday! I didn't have time to open my packages yesterday because I spent most of my time trying to deploy my site and I had planned to do a write up once I did. I had to wait until morning where there is enough natural light for me to use to take decent pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S4. One day, I hope to get a really good camera so I can start taking much better photos even in low light situations.

There are two packages, one from CDJapan, and one from my friend in Japan. I intend to break this post into 2 parts so that each post can focus on a particular item. Later, I intend to add in a search feature into this site so that you can find posts later. Breaking it up this way will make it easier to find. Since my CDJapan package contains the Hashimoto Kanna photobook, I will be opening that up first.

What you see immediately after opening the box.

These are what I bought from CDJapan, Hashimoto Kanna's photobook and Sasshi's book - Gyakutenryoku. Since Gyakutenryoku is just a normal book, it won't be covered in this post but I plan on writing down my thoughts as I read it.

Back of the books

It's been a really long time I've last bought a photobook. The last photobook that I bought was Itano Tomomi's "TOMOCHIN!!" and I bought that when it came out in 2010 so it's been 4 years since I've last bought a photobook. So why now? Recently, I've been really into Hashimoto Kanna and I was really drawn in by the online previews when it was announced that she would be releasing a photobook. I was so drawn in that I had a feeling that it would be worth buying.

Even though it's been 4 years, I still had this feeling of wanting to protect it from fingerprints and stuff so I broke out my gloves ^^;

One thing that surprised me is that the book is hardcover. Every single book, photobook, and/or magazine that I've purchased until now were all paperback. When I opened it, it felt like I was opening a yearbook.

Alright here we go, preview shots.

The photobook comes with several of these shots which spans two pages.

One thing that is particularly striking about Hashimoto Kanna is how peculiar her eyes are. They have this certain brown color that really stands out and that seems to really complement her skin complexion.

The page that was released as a preview online.

Would you marry Hashimoto Kanna?

It seems I didn't take many preview photos of the photobook but given the size of the photobook and the fact that I only have two hands, it should be enough to give you a sense of the content. Anyway, instead of looking at terrible cellphone photos, I highly recommend you go and buy the real thing! Surprisingly, the photobook was poorly rated on Amazon JPN. The reasons given were things like "she has too much makeup on", "I wanted to see a more natural Hashimoto Kanna". In other words, "for a first photobook, it should have been one that is more appropriate for her age". On one hand, I'm glad that people want to see a more "natural" Hashimoto Kanna because that just means there are people who like her for the way she is. On the other hand, I disagree because I liked the photobook - I felt that the makeup was well done and Hashimoto Kanna was able to pull off a more adult look without being gaudy. Speaking of which, I wonder what she looks like without makeup.

Recently, the dollar has been much stronger than the yen so even though my invoice lists Hashimoto Kanna's photobook as 2500 yen, I really spent around $21 for it. This was a much better deal than getting it at the Kinokuniya in NYC because a friend who went there told me that had it in stock and went for around $38. Considering I spent around $45 for not one, but two books including Fedex International Priority shipping to have it delivered to me in 2 days, going with CDJapan on this one was right choice. So if you're a fan of Hashimoto Kanna, now may be a good time to order it while the dollar is stronger.

Stay tuned for the unboxing of the second package from my friend in Japan! Will post a link to it when I get that done.

If you like Hashimoto Kanna and/or you just like Rev.from DVL in general, check out their upcoming single, REAL-リアル-

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