First Post

I am proud to announce that today is the day where my completely rehauled website goes live on the internet, making this V2! The first and previous version was a single scrolling page that I made during Phase 0 of my enrollment in Dev Bootcamp. At the time, I felt it was really cool to have that feature where you click on some sort of link and it would slide the page to the correct content. However, it was a static Github Page so I couldn't add anything that you would normally see in a regular blog page like login or links to other pages within the same website. At the time, I didn't know how to make an application so one of my goals was to recreate it into the blog application that you see now.

This site was built over the course of a few months. Slowly, I put in feature by feature the things I wanted to add as well as things I had to add like being able to add comments.

The things I plan on writing here will mostly consist of the things that I want to share with others which can be my thoughts, the things I'm passionate about, things that have been going on recently in my life and goals that I want to achieve.

Speaking of things I am passionate about, this time of year is especially important to me. Late November is the time when I first discovered Japanese Idols. Since then, my life has changed forever and for the first time, I had something I could really become passionate about which helped me form life goals that I wanted to achieve. Perhaps it is mere coincidence that the successful deployment of my website and the time which I discovered Japanese Idols happens to fall at around the same time? Either way, it makes for a good conversation topic.

With that said, I hope you stick around to see all the things that come out from this blog. Have some Tokyo Girls' Style.

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Kenneth Uy
New York ・ Full Stack Web Developer

Sole owner of Contributor at NewSchoolKaidan. Japanese Idols and music are my passions. I want to be the very best, that no one ever was.